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DESCRIPTION T500 T800/1000 T-1300/1600
Fluid Cylinder, Studded 551-422-01 551-422-01 551-122-01
Cylinder Head Head Plug (Top) 551-422-03 551-422-03 551-122-02
Threaded Ring 551-405-03 551-405-03 551-105-03
Threaded Plug Retainer 551-405-04 551-405-04 551-105-04
Threaded Liner Retainer 551-405-05 551-405-05 551-105-05
Cylinder Head Plug 551-422-02 551-422-02 551-122-02
Lower Valve Guide 551-405-07 551-405-07 551-105-07
Lower Valve Guide Retainer 551-422-04 551-422-04 551-105-08
Upper Valve Guide ------ ------ 551-105-06
Plug & Liner Seal BMT-1669-63-09 BMT-1669-63-09 BMT-1669-63-08
Piston Rod 551-522-03 551-405-13 551-105-13
Piston Rod Clamp 551-506-08 551-406-08 551-106-08
Crosshead Extension Rod 551-506-06 551-306-06 551-106-06
Stripper Box 551-506-10 551-406-15 551-106-13
Stripper Box Packing IP-806 IP-805 IP-804
Lantern Ring 551-506-14 551-306-08 551-106-12
Crosshead ---- 551-306-01 551-106-01
Upper & Lower Crosshead Guide ---- 551-306-30 551-106-30
Wrist Pin ---- 551-306-03 551-106-03
Discharge Manifold ---- ---- 551-105-11
Discharge Manifold O-ring IO-548 IO-548 IO-548
Suction Manifold O-ring IO-521 IO-521 IO-507
Ring Joint Gasket IG-258 IG-258 IG-258
Upper Valve Guide Capscrews ---- ---- IC-1873


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Kandle Oilfield Products, Inc. ("KOP") is an indepentdent manufacturer of replacement parts. KOP is neither a licensee, nor is it affliated with any of the original equipment manufacturers named above. The manufacturers names or trademarks used herein are solely for identification purposes and are not intended by KOP to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts manufactured by KOP. The original manufacturers named above and throughout this catalog do not sponsor, promote, warranty or endorse KOP's products.  
All KOP parts are marked with KOP's distinctive mark(s) and part numbers are for identification purposes only.

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Ideco is a registered trademark of IRI. KOP is in no way affiliated with this company.
All KOP parts are marked with KOP's distinctive mark(s) and part numbers are for identification purposes only.