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14019 Interdrive East Houston, Texas 77032
Tel: (713) 694-8671 Email: kandle@kop.com Fax: (713) 694-3214

Terms and Conditions of Sale with Kandle Oilfield, Inc.

KANDLE OILFIELD PRODUCTS, INC. is an ISO-9001 Certified manufacturer of drilling equipment replacement parts used by major drilling concerns worldwide. These high-quality parts have been accepted and specified by domestic and international companies. KANDLE OILFIELD PRODUCTS, INC. can provide full traceability on all items we supply.

KANDLE OILFIELD PRODUCTS, INC. guarantees that our parts are completely interchangeable with those offered by the original equipment manufacturer with no modification of existing equipment. The warranty extended by KANDLE OILFIELD PRODCUTS, INC. meets or exceeds the warranties offered by the OEMS.

KANDLE OILFIELD PRODUCTS, INC. carries most of the items offered in this catalog on an ex-stock basis. Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality product on a timely basis at a competitive price. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future on your replacement parts requirements.