Drilling and Well Service Replacement Parts

National P-Series & N-Series Swivels
Description Part No.
Cartridge Assembly 703429-G1U
Washpipe Packing 703429-G3U
Gooseneck 649351-XA
Washpipe 649355-A
Holding Ring 649356
Spacer Assembly 649358-A
Middle Spacer 649359
Lower Spacer 649360
Holding Nut 649357
Packing Box 649361-A
Bumper Assembly 607296-A
Cartridge Assembly O-Ring 7817600-348

National P & N Series Gooseneck Connections
Description Part No.
Hose Connection Nut 626895
Hose Union Sleeve 4" Male 626901
Hose Union Sleeve 4" Female 626902
Hose Union Sleeve 3" Male 626903
Hose Union Sleeve 3" Female 626904
Gooseneck to Sleeve O-Ring 7817600-346
Gooseneck to Hose Connection Nut O-Ring 7817600-432
N Series Swivels
Description N-47/69/ 815/1324 N-24/N-35
Cartridge Assembly 623455-AA2S 627394-AA2
Washpipe 624568-A 627400-A
Washpipe Packing 612984-A1 614196-A1
Washpipe Holding Spacer 623454-B 627396
Packing Spacer 613150 614197
Packing Spacer 613151-A 614198-A
Packing Spacer 623456 627397
Washpipe Holding Cap 624565 627395
Washpipe Packing Box 623455-A 627394-A
Bumper Assembly 607296-A 607296-A
Cartridge Assembly O-Ring 627398 627398

P-750 Power Swivel
Description Part No.
Cartridge Assembly 703978-G1U
Washpipe Packing 703774-G3U
Washpipe 653055-A
Holding Ring 653057
Spacer Assembly 654648-A
Middle Spacer 654637
Lower Spacer 653050
Holding Nut 654639
Packing Box 654649-A
Cartridge Assembly O-Ring 7817600-359